Thursday, March 31, 2016

One step forward four steps back

Tony Fung flies into Cairns to meet his most ardent supporter
Tony Fung's original plane
Good to see ya buddy
Tony Fung and Justin Fung along with Michael King flew into Cairns to meet up with his mate Bob Manning who supports Aquis like a religion.
 I thought that the Mayor would listen to his constituents as the majority now don't want Aquis residents have had enough of the crap that's gone on in the past.
Why did the Fungs have to fly to Cairns to tell Bob that Aquis is hoping to go ahead without the casinos which doesn't make any sense at all as this project will be the most expensive resort without a casino in the world no other country would be silly enough to even contemplate a move like this.
What was wrong using Skype or a telephone so much cheaper than cruising in on a 757 and then fly back to Hong Kong following the meeting.
The chances of a licence being issued now are doubtful as they have had to pull out of the IRD process so maybe Great Keppell Island may get the licence that they are looking for their proposed casino.
The other concerns the rise up is the aquarium being built in Cairns but Fung is also going to include the following sounds like duplication:

(1). Aquarium
(2). Theatre...Cairns is in the process of building a new one
(3). Convention and exhibition centre & cultural centre... Cairns already have one.

It has been stated that that a casino would be included but the the Aquis project director would not elaborate does the left hand really knows what the right hand is doing.
Even though this may only be the first stage a resort of this size ($2 billion dollars) it can't been seen to support this without a casino so will this really go ahead or is it another smoke screen as we have seen in the past.
The Treasurer should have a better understanding that a population of 160,000 would not support Aquis and the tourism side changes all the time....god help Cairns.
Again I say that Cairns have more important things to consider and do in Cairns such as roads, footpaths, water infrastructure and cleaning up of the CBD.
Don't expect to see much community consultation on this as we haven't seen in the past from council it really doesn't exist, SHAME REALLY.

Check out the comments in the Cairns Post:

If this wasn't so serious it would be funny

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's becoming so bloddy boring..... IT ISN'T THE GOVERNMENTS FAULT

The Mayor Bob Manning
Deborah Hancock 

They're on the "band wagon" again... Deborah Hancock, Trent Twomey and the Mayor Bob Manning who want the government to "FAST TRACK" Aquis why? Cairns won't benefit from it nor will boost Cairns image.

Trent Twomey
In their words "A CAIRNS business leader is warning the Queensland government to stop playing politics with the $8.15 billion Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort proposal and work to get the game-changing plan approved" read more: 
 also check out the Weekend Post March 26, 2016

The past 3 years has not shown any progress what so ever except
to say "there will a big announcement shortly" regarding Aquis but don't hold your breathe.
The most important thing to remember is that when the trade agreement was signed during the Tony Abbott reign any invetsor who invests more than $150 million dollars does NOT HAVE TO USE AUSTRALIAN WORKERS so why are people pushing this project as Cairns will get nothing as far as employment goes.
Tony fung walked away from the Gold Coast Sheraton Mirage the same as he did with the Cairns project and he probably will walk away again.
Interesting to read recently that Tony Fung stated that he had considered purchasing the Reef Casino but had "backed off" due to the possible hostility with shareholders.
He (Fung) needs to be aware of the hostility within the community of Cairns after he walked away from the Reef Casino and left town quietly and purchased the Canberra Casino which still does not have pokies and probably never will.
Now we have The Mayor of Cairns, CEO of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce and Trent Twomey from Advance Cairns which is supported by the Cairns Regional Council (the Mayor is a director of Advance Cairns) and receives donations every year why, they never seem to do anything that we hear about.
We always hear the Fungs are having positve discussions 
but nothing happens which is not surprising as they have not yet submitted the required paperwork the same as they did with the LNP when they were in power.
To think that the 3 above mentioned people are demanding that the government fast track the Aquis licence is totally irresponsible taking into consideration that this is an $8.5 billion dollar project and if it's not done right then the rate payers will end up paying to clean up the mess.
Remember when Aquis first surfaced at a cost of $4.2 billion dollars the Fungs were going to do marvelous things such as build four lane road build an overpass at the Caravonica roundabout etc then the announcement came that the design had changed and the cost a staggering $8.5 billion dollars all paid for by the Fungs but they changed their offer towards infastructure and stated that they assist in a small way why because they probably didn't have the cash.
They bought the Canberra Casino and were to place it on the Hong Kong stock exchange which didn't happen it was eventually put on the Australian stock exchange   
Eventually the public found out through the media that Tony Fung had secured two investors to help build Aquis or is this another ploy? we will have to wait and watch.
Comments in todays Cairns Post showed that 95% of the people commenting don't want Aquis, why, because they are fed up with all the bullshit that has gone on with this project.
To the civic leaders start doing things for Cairns businesses and the council should be more concerned with roads, footpaths and tidying up the CBD.
If Aquis was to go ahead (which I doubt) this will create more heartbreak within families, more prostitution, increase in crime and has happened everywhere else the triads will be involved somehow and no work for locals and Cairns will be lost forever.
Finally, it cannot be found from 2011 to 2015 a listing showing that Tony Fung is a millionaire let alone a billionaire.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Smithfield bypass... will it work?

The Smithfield  roundbot at present
Possible bypass in RED.
Planning for Smithfield Bypass underway:

THE  horror Smithfield peak-hour gridlock could become a thing of the past in under three years, much to the relief of frustrated Cairns commuters.
Yesterday Barron River MP Craig Crawford announced a $1.69 million planning study had started on the long-awaited Smithfield Bypass project.
The road would likely travel through mostly cane farming property in an almost straight line between the McGregor Rd and Yorkeys Knob roundabouts, and could save as much as 20 minutes on a trip bet­ween Palm Cove and the city.
The announcement could not come soon enough for Cairns motorist Jarryd Flower, 23, who spends about 45 minutes each morning driving from Edmonton to his job in Smithfield.
“Thank God,” he said when told by the Cairns Post of the funding announcement.
“I don’t even know how to describe it – the backlog is ridiculous. It should be a 20-minute drive.”Mr Flower, who drives a Mitsubishi Triton ute, estimated the stop-start gridlock was costing him about $40 extra in fuel each week.
“Every dollar does help,” he said.
“It’s also timing, it’s the waiting.”
Mr Crawford said that, while the State Government had already bought much of the land for the bypass, there were still a few properties that needed to be acquired.
He said he expected a ­design for the road would be complete before the end of the year, and construction – estimated to cost about $120 million – could be finished in two years.
“This is about getting the necessary studies and planning work behind the scenes that has to be done for these large projects,” Mr Crawford said.
The possibility for motorists to enter and exit at Caravonica on to the Cairns Western ­Arterial Rd, and traffic lights at the Yorkeys Knob roundabout will be considered in the ­design.
Mr Crawford said he would work hard to stop the proposal falling by the wayside as other projects across the state competed for limited funds.
“Residents can be assured that I will be in the ear of the Treasurer, Premier and Main Roads Minister to get this ­important project happening,” he said.
A $1.69 million planning study has started for the proposed multi-million dollar Smithfield Bypass project, north of Cairns.
Member for Barron River Craig Crawford said planning was underway for the new project, which looked at linking Yorkeys Knob and McGregor Road roundabouts, bypassing Smithfield.
“Previous planning has consistently shown this proposed bypass is the best solution for reducing traffic volumes and congestion at the Smithfield and Caravonica roundabouts,” Mr Crawford said.
“Preliminary estimates indicate stage one of the proposed bypass is likely to cost about $120 million.
“We are looking at the possibility of including a two-lane divided road between Yorkeys Knob intersection and McGregor road, the signalisation of the Yorkeys Knob roundabout, and upgrading the Caravonica roundabout to a double right turn from Captain Cook Highway to Cairns Western Arterial Road.”
Mr Crawford said the proposed bypass would reduce congestion at the Smithfield and Caravonica roundabouts.
“The bypass would also provide a more efficient route from the northern beaches to Cairns city,” he said.
“We expect to have a business case completed for the proposed bypass by December 2016.
“Once planning is complete, any funds for detailed design and construction of the proposed Smithfield bypass will have to be prioritised against other important projects across Queensland’s 33,343-kilometre, state-controlled road network.
The photo with the RED LINE is the possible by-pass route which will run behind Bunnings and on the northern side of Catana Wetlands.
The bypass will come out on McGregor Road near the Campus Shopping Centre but as yet the hook up with the Captain Cook Highway is yet to be decided.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Meet Your Candidate Report...Yorkeys Knob Division 8

March 14, 2016
Report from ‘Meet the Candidates’ forum

On 10 March YKRA held a meet the candidate forum at the community Centre. More than 50 residents from Division 8 had an opportunity to listen to and question the mayoral and divisional candidates for the upcoming local council elections.

It was terrific for the community to be able to discuss issues relevant to the Cairns and northern beaches.

Some of the issues of particular and concern were:
  1. Approval of seven story apartment in Atherton Street, Yorkeys Knob. Residents expressed dissatisfaction with the lack on consultation and transparency regarding this decision. Current Division 8 councillor, Jesse Richardson, when asked about her position on this, acknowledged that more consultation should have occurred. The Connect Cairns team agreed that the process was flawed and that they would consult and engage with the community on any development that was not in line with the approved local government planning guidelines.
  1. Green train. Cr Bob Manning confirmed at the meeting that the proposed light rail between Gordonvale and Palm Cove would not commence for some time yet and that over the four years, Council would engage a consultant to undertake a feasibility and finance study. He acknowledged that it would be necessary to discuss this with State and Commonwealth in the future. Cr Manning also commented that the Cairns Post did not report correctly his statement about the costings. There was also confusion with Cr Jesse Richardson advising some residents that another scenario may include the construction of a bike path, instead. Connect Cairns re-confirmed their transport policy which includes securing a light rail corridor in line with anticipated future population growth and working with the State government to by-pass the Smithfield roundabout.
  1. AQUIS. Cr Bob Manning confirmed that the Unity Team would approve the development proposal, but that he understood it would be a scaled and modified version of the current plan. He suggested that the Unity team would be making an announcement on this project, but that approvals from State and Federal levels of government were some time away. Connect Cairns stated that they were willing to talk to anybody that wanted to invest $8Billion into our economy, and that it was the responsibility of council to ensure proper process once the material change of use (MCU) application is received by the proponent.
  1. Council procurement. Following a statement from Jim Brooks accusing the current council of questionable purchasing a resident directed a question to Jim Brooks requesting an example of such questionable purchasing.
  2. Jim Brooks provided two examples including one which he claimed a ‘sole provider’ contract was given to a company to the value of $1.2M, when there were clearly other potential suppliers of goods and service of that nature. He also spoke of a company which was given “preferred supplier” status 9 weeks before it went into liquidation, and queried the effectiveness of the pre-qualification assessment.
    Given the seriousness of the accusation Cr Bob Manning committed to having an immediate review to be available within 24 hours of the issue by council 's internal auditor. He commented that “one of us will have to apologise when the report's findings are available”
Once again the YKRA provided a forum for the community and all reports show that it was another successful event.

We thank the participants and in particular, you, the community who attended this presentation.

Maurice Milliner
President – Yorkeys Knob Residents Assoc. Inc.

STOP PRESS. Re item 4. YKRA has received a reply from the CRC CEO Peter Tabulo responding to the concerns raised about council procurement. We are providing this reply for your information: an internal auditor rather than an independent investigator had looked at only the parking machine issue.

From: Tabulo Peter <>
Subject: Meet the Candidates Forum
Date: 11 March 2016 6:15:18 pm AEST

Dear Mr Milliner, at last night’s meeting a matter was raised in the Mayoral Candidate forum relating to the procurement of parking meters in the CBD. The Mayor indicated that he would have the matter reviewed and information provided by today.
Given that this matter was raised at your association’s event, I considered it only reasonable for you to receive a copy of the review by an independent internal auditor and I ask whether it is possible for you to circulate it to those residents who were present.
I will be providing Mr Brooks with the details as well.
I thank you for your assistance in the matter.
Peter Tabulo
Chief Executive Officer
Cairns Regional Council

Phone: +61 740443017 Mobile: +61 0409596244 |
PO Box 359, 119-145 Spence St, Cairns Q 4870

Preliminary Advice - Regulated Parking Technology Upgrade - Procurement compliance- 11 March, 2016

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your time today, and for making senior executives and officers available to walk-through at a high-level the procurement approach for the selection and award of Regulated Parking.

Technology Upgrades, including the rationale and approach for use of s.235 Other Exceptions allowed under the Local Government Regulation 2012, Part 3 - Default contracting procedures.

I understand from the information provided by your team, and my examination of the Governance Committee Resolution (17 June 2015) Item1. Sole Suppliers and Council Original Meeting

Resolution (29 July 2015) Item3. Project Launch Approval Regulated Parking Technology Upgrades, that benefits existed for the organisation to adopt consistency in the make and model in

its fleet of Pay & Display Parking Machines (Regulated Parking Technology) and to take advantage of technology advancements.

The organisation had various makes and models of Pay & Display Parking Machines in active use in the field for many years. This enabled CRC officers to assess the performance of the various

technologies equipment maintenance and suppliers in a Rlive practical day-to-day settings. Based on the results of officer Rin-field observations and a test of the market through a medium-scale contracting arrangement on two occasions, officers had evaluated that one provider of Parking Ticket Machines and associated maintenance was most suitable for the organisation s needs.

This provider was the Reino International Pty Ltd (trading as Duncan Solutions).

In June 2015 the Governance Committee resolved, on advice of Officers, to accept the Annual Sole Supplier list for the 2015/16 Financial Year, which included the Reino International Pty Ltd (trading as Duncan Solutions). In July 2015, Council resolved at its Ordinary Meeting to accept the Officers recommendation that Regulated Parking Technology Upgrades be undertaken The Officers Recommendation Report noted that a supplier from the Approved Sole Supplier Listing 2015/16 would be the engaged party to complete the contracted components of the upgrade project.

From the information provided to me on 11 March 2016; my enquiries of your team about the process of evaluating the suppliers of Regulated Parking Technology locally and the basis for their decision to recommend Reino International Pty Ltd (trading as Duncan Solutions) to the Governance Committee as a Sole Supplier, together with my knowledge of the application of the legitimate exceptions to open tendering available to Councils under the Local Government Regulation 2012, Part 3 - Default contracting procedures s.235 Other Exceptions, I am satisfied that the legislative requirements were complied with.

Peter, please note this represents my preliminary advice, and is my view in the absence of any other

information being disclosed that may alter the conclusions I have drawn. I will provide a formal letter next week covering the above.

Monday, March 7, 2016

The apology has arrived 12 days later

Jim Brooks Mayoral Candidate
Following John schillings outburst on radio aimed at the Mayoral candidate Jim Brooks, the Divison 2 incumbent has today issued a pre-recorded apology on the remarks he made on Wednesday February 24, 2015.
One has to ask why has it taken so long for the apology to be forthcoming? taking into consideration

4CA talkback host John McKenzie made an "on air" apology on Friday February 26, 2016, maybe someone received a letter in the post which quickly prompted the apology on radio today.
Rather than go on listen to what John Schilling had to say:

If you did not believe Jim Brooks had done no wrong why say it in the first place.
Credibility shot down.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Again they line up....

Jim Brooks the Mayoral Candidate for the Connect Cairns team was again on talkback radio and again the usual "ready to get you" callers were lining up for their spill.
Jim Brooks again proved that he can handle the heat and answered all questions without raising his voice or cutting anyone off (which you probably feel like doing) and one of the callers was Bob from Forrest Gardens (crime stopper person) who was also on the talkback show on Thursday February 25, 2016 the day after Jim Brooks made his first radio appearance saying that in his opinion he felt that Jim Brookd was arrogant and didn't want to liten to anyone and taking over the callers, well Bob I listened to that session and I didn't hear him trying to talk over the callers.
Bob also tried to get into Jim Brooks on todays talkback and at one stage said that he should get his head out of the clouds and went on talking about the dredging and that the present council support the dredging as it was an important part of Cairns.
As Jim Brooks said on Feb 25 and again today that the council doesn't make the decision as far as the dredging goes it's up to the Federal and State Governments and if they won't move then there's nothing really that can be done except to protest.
Having been on the dredging committee I personally know the hard work that the committee put into the process and have done the best they can.
There are Bob a lot more important things to be done around this city but the incumbent Mayor and some councillors have their minds set on Aquis and if they think that Fung is going to throw money around all one can say is "don't hold your breathe".
I have never met Jim Brooks but listening to him he seems to have a good grip on what should or could be done around this city and nothing seems to faze him and is a very good speaker.
You can't please everyone and council elections are no different, people will stick with Bob Manning and others will probably go with Jim Brooks.
Deborah Hancock stated in the post following the debate between the incumbent Mayor and Jim Brooks that she couldn't pick a winner so the election should be very interesting.
Here's  today discussion with Bob and Jim Brooks:


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Council's reply to the 7 storey 54 units in Yorkeys Knob

Ssshhhh say nothing
 Yorkeys Knob Residents Assoc  learned through the media in November 2015
that the council had signed off on the construction of a 7 storey 54 unit complex in Atherton St, Yorkeys Knob without any consultation with the community.
After reading the councils reply you can understand why they don't have to consult with the community, read paragraph 3 and 4.
Typical council getting away without consultation as they knew that there would people asking questions.
Yorkeys Knob Assoc were told in November 2015 by Division 8 councillor Jessie Richardson at the completion of her bi-monthly report that the "Atherton St was going ahead" without explaining what the work was.
Also it's been discovered that the application went to council in May 2015 yet during the following 6 months and the commumunity had not been advised and keeping in mind that this will be the tallest construction on the Northern Beaches.

We pay their wages

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Light rail good thought BUT...$1 billion dollars

Incumbent Mayor Bob Manning announced in the Weekend Post 
Good idea but realistically not viable at this time
 that a light rail system is part of his plan for a growing population at a cost of $billion dollars and Bob Manning said he thinks that he can convince the Federal and State Governments will fund this project....REALLY.
Both governments don't have any spare cash and are not likely to for many years to come and maybe never if Australia keeps getting sold off to foreign countries.
Although the idea has some merits it is just not feasible for Cairns to spend this amount of money for a population of around 160,000 and no industrial business left in Cairns equals no employment incentives.
Suggested routes by Bob Manning
Back in 2012 I suggested  that the council should approach the Queensland Government and have discussions on leasing or hiring 2 "railcars" from them and run them between Redlynch and Gordonvale on the existed rail route for a period of 12 months and if utilised by the residents then consider a longer period.
It would require temporary station platforms to be built at White Rock and Forrest Gardens with an area for parking and would decrease the traffic flow into the city.
These railcars could run on the hour making sure that workers get to the city on time.
Also running times would have to be adjusted  to coincide with the present normal train service but that shouldn't be a problem.
By having a trial system with an existing network would cost nothing like the $1 billion as suggested and if it's not feasible after the trial period then the project can be closed down...simple.
Trial is better than error and having to repay a huge debt is just not the way to go.
Oh Bob "food for thought" with a growing population what about serious consideration on pushing for a new dam, now that makes sense especially with all these high rise buildings and the number of tenants living in them Cairns no doubt will run out of water (I hope not).
Cairns the future of the Gold Coast.

Friday, February 26, 2016

On air apology.....BUT

Friday February 26, 2016.
Talkback host John McKenzie read an apology live on air to Jim Brooks Mayoral Candidate for Cairns Regional Council over an alledged allegation made by an incumbent division 2
councillor John Schilling.
Bob Manning
Why hasn't the incumbent Mayor Bob Manning instructed John Schilling to publicly apologise on radio to Jim Brooks and not leave it to just the radio station.
John Schilling
The radio host should have hit the "kill button" but for some unknown reason this didn't happen, it would appear that John Schilling had full intentions of trying to make Jim Brooks look like the bad guy with his unfounded allegations but  failed miserably thus causing himself embarrassment.

Here is the apology:


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's starting to get dirty...unfortunately

Wednesday February 24, 2016 the Mayoral candidate was invited to the local talkback radio program to take calls from local residents  hosted by John McKenzie.
It didn't take long for John Schilling (division 2 candidate) to up the anti virtually calling Jim Brooks a liar in reference to previous statements and came very close to putting himself in a litigating situation as you will hear during the discussion (at the 1.28 mark) which demonstrated how low some people will go and he never made an attempt to apologise  when Jim Brooks explained what actually had taken place.
Jim Brooks showed himself to be a very calm and collected person during his reply and never once did he raise his voice especially when John Schilling made that outrageous statement.
Jim Brooks demonstrated to be a very professional person in his approach to all calls and replied to callers with respect and answers that showed his ability to be a good leader and it maybe time for a change.
Who said politics wasn't dirty?


Saturday, December 26, 2015

He's Done It Again

Tony Fung has done it again, can you believe this?
Tony Fung
According to media reports Aquis has axed the proposal to purchase the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast for $160 million dollars yet he's spending $300 million dollars on the Canberra Casino upgrade which really doesn't have any logic 
This is what Justion Fung stated on ABC radio June 23, 2015:
The Fungs walked away from the Reef Casino and blamed the Qld State Government for not acting quickly when in fact they (Fungs) failed to attend three formal meetings and also failed to complete the probity and one has to ask the sensible question of "What are their intentions?".
This whole saga is becoming so laughable that it is not funny and is it any wonder the majority of residents in Cairns are now saying "GO AWAY MR FUNG WE DON'T NEED YOU".
This is what was reported in the Cairns Post on Saturday December  26, 2015 and it was so important it was printed on page 7:
THE multi-billion-dollar Aquis Great Barrier Reef mega-casino resort project is set for a new lease of life following a decision by the Fung family to pull out of a major deal on the Gold Coast.

Sheraton Mirage
Aquis has axed a proposal to buy the Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa at Main Beach for $160 million. Plans were for a redevelopment including a casino.
An Aquis spokesman said withdrawing from the Sheraton deal meant a renewed focus on the Yorkeys Knob project. He said the Cairns development was now its only casino proposal in Queensland.
Senior executives, including new Aquis Entertainment chief executive Aaron Gomes, met in Hong Kong this week to discuss plans for 2016, including Yorkeys Knob. The Sheraton deal fell over after the groups left the negotiating table. The spokesman said they had been negotiating with the vendors since May over conditions for the sale.

“However, the parties have been unable to agree acceptable terms and Aquis has elected to withdraw from the acquisition,” he said.
In May, Aquis announced plans to replace the Skase-era beachfront resort with a largescale integrated resort and casino development, saying the company was open to discussions with neighbouring property owners about a possible combination of projects.
Director Justin Fung earlier this year suggested the project may not go ahead if a casino licence could not be secured.
Rival developer ASF, which has secured state land next to the Southport Yacht Club at Main Beach, has first right of refusal for the only available Gold Coast licence.
Aquis has re-entered the Integrated Resort Development process for Yorkeys Knob which involves providing a detailed proposal and negotiating a gaming licence, a casino agreement and probity with the Queensland Government. 
It is about time the government whether it's ALP or LNP said enough is enough and send them on their merry way, we already have the Reef Hotel/Casino why do we need another 2 casinos making a total of three casinos in Cairns.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What's wrong with some of these whacko politicians?

We need to send some of these whacko politicians off shore NEVER TO RETURN.
The banning of songs and concerts have already been banned, where in the hell is this country heading.

It’s hard to believe it could happen, but this year’s school Christmas concerts may be the last at which children are allowed to sing traditional carols, under new State government rules quietly introduced last month.
Well known and much loved Christmas carols like Silent Night, Away in the Manger and Come All Ye Faithful are all caught by the new bans.
The Education Department has instructed government school principals that parent volunteers or outside music instructors are not allowed to teach carols or other “praise music” to students unless it is “common societally recognised music” (whatever that means).
As well, teachers will only be allowed to teach carols if it is part of “general religious instruction”.
The new rules have already caused at least one school to decide to remove traditional carols from their end of year performance, before reversing the decision after parent protest.
Next year, many more schools are likely to decide it is easier to scrap Christmas carols altogether rather than try to work out whether or when they are allowed to have them under the new rules.
It’s not clear whether these new rules are part of a deliberate move to drive out Christmas carols from schools, or the unintended consequences of bureaucratic incompetence and bad drafting.
Either way, the government must withdraw these new rules and allow students at government schools to learn, sing and enjoy Christmas carols as they have for generations.
To read what I said about this in Parliament this week, see For Tom Elliott’s coverage of the issue on 3AW, see “Victorian government announces hymns should not be sung in state schools” at

Monday, December 14, 2015

How things change in 2 days...

Again AQUIS, isn't there any other worthy news items available?
On December 10, 2015 it was announced  in The Gauardian that there would be an announcement made in February 2016 in regards to the Aquis licence however apparently they didn't informed Tony Fung.
Tony Fung
Then in the Weekend Post (Sat Dec 12, 2015) written by the Aquis reporter Nick Dalton Tony Fung ruled out the February announcement.
Why doesn't that surprise anyone?
Acording to an Aquis spokesperson who stated that the developer was continuing discussion with the State Government and everything remains confidential.
 This Casino/Resort if it goes ahead will be the most expensive in the world in an area with a population of 160,000 residents and that in it's self doesn't make any sense and relying on the Chinese to fly in and out is totally wishful thinking. There will be some Chinese coming for holidays but not in the hundred of thousands that has been bandied around.
Original Design

 Then there's the promise in the initials stages (design one $4.2 billion) of upgrading the roads assisting with the infrastructure, building a sports facility etc but really that was never going to happen and some of the councillors believed it and thinking that they wouldn't have to spend there money.

Then with the second design ($8.5 billion) the statement was that they "may assist in some infrastructure, sports ground gone, golf course was in question and so it goes on.
$8.5 Billion design
The latest info to come out is that Aquis may be built but in a smaller capacity and the biggest concern is that if it does go ahead what's going to happen if it suddenly grinds to a halt which has happened overseas with other casinos and Cairns is left with a white elephant, who will pay for the clean up probably the residents.
Maybe if he gets the licence maybe he'll try and take over the Reef Casino and completely drop Aquis at Yorkeys... what an excellent idea.

The updated design

What has the State Government and Council done about the water supply? they are issuing building permits left, right and centre but the water supply stays the same and if nothing is done urgently the supply will run out because a new dan would take at least 10 to 15 years to be built.
Talk about priorities and monkeying around "God help us".

Also seriously consider the Free Trade Agreement that is now in force whereby Chinese workers can be bought in to work on large projects and don't believe any pollie that tells you anything different because it will be too late.
Local residents are completely fed up with this crap and Tony Fung should just disappear from Cairns and stick to his Canberra junket casino where there are no pokies only card tables and build the casino at the Sheraton Mirage on the Gold Coast where he could make his millions.
Cairns is a tourist destination not a gambling destination.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Whose "fudging" the figures.

On Thursday November 27, 2015 the Cairns Post ran a web poll asking the readers "Do you support the building of a seven storey unit complex at Yorkeys Knob.
Living in Yorkeys I cast a vote and before retiring Tursday evening I took a quick look at the voting and found the following:
Figure A:
Then this morning (28 Nov, 2015) I checked the results on page 25 of the post and found the following results:
Figure B:

The figures had changed dramatically from "NO 51.58% 49 votes" Thursday night  to this morning the "NO vote was 39%" with the "yes vote from 48.42% 46 votes" to 61%.
So I rechecked the post online this morning and found that the original votes (figure A) still showing the Thursday evening figures.
So you have to ask "who is fudging the figures".
From people approaching me they are very disgruntled because of no community consultation and more importantly the height, the councillors should hang their head in shame knowing that no consultation had taken place.
Tell your local councillors how pissed off you are.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Here we go again No Community consultation

As reported in the Cairns Post
Wed Nov 25, 2015.

Yorkeys Knob development approved by Council.
The Cairns Regional Council today approved a SEVEN storey 54 unit development in Atherton St, Yorkeys Knob.
Linda Cooper Division 6
The council for Division 8 Jessie Richardson and Division 6  Linda Cooper opposed the recommendation arguing that more community consultion was needed given the buildings size.
Thank you Jessie and Linda for understanding the communities needs for consultation.
Jessie Richardson Division 8
Then in the next breathe both councillors said "they supported the design" what a slap in the face is this for the residents after stating that the community needs consultation.
Councillor Richardson then stated "while I agree I'd like to see a change, and follows up with this statement..."there's no obligation for a project like this to go to the public. REALLY JESSIE

John Shilling Division 2
Then Councillor John Schilling said the development was part of an "excellent plan for the area".
John, you don't live in Yorkeys it is up to the residents to say what is good and what is not.
Irrespective of what the Mayor and his Deputy say all these large projects  are a lead up to the next elections where they can say "see this is what this council has done".
As the old saying goes "up you jack we're ok".
  There are a few councillors that are PRO BUILDING and Cairns will in no time start to look like the Gold Coast, god help us if that happens.

Impression of the seven story 54 unit complex
People are asking why wasn't there a building sign on the block of land in Atherton St indicating the proposed building?.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Another day another change

 As reported in the Cairns Post
Tuesday November 17, 2015

They change the CEO's like they change the design of Aquis....What's next?, stay tuned.

Geoff Andres
AQUIS has moved quickly to replace chief executive officer Geoff Andres, who has suddenly quit.
Mr Andres cited personal reasons for his departure after starting in February this year.
Canberra-based Aquis Entertainment Group has appointed ex-Echo senior executive Aaron Gomes to the role.

Aaron Gomes
The former managing director of Gold Coast’s Jupiters Casino was hired in July as a consultant to the group’s Canberra property and plans for a $8.15 billion resort and casino at Yorkeys Knob.
Mr Gomes had been working with JNB Gaming on the development of two casinos in the US, including New York’s $425 million Lago Resort and Casino and the $70 million Kansas Crossing Casino.

Mr Gomes has a one-year contract worth more than $700,000.
A statement to the Australian Securities Exchange said “the company and Mr Gomes will negotiate in good faith a further extension to the term in due course”.
Mr Gomes said he was “delighted to have been asked to take the reins”.
“The business plan AQS (Aquis Entertainment) has in place for investment in expansion in Australian gaming is very exciting,’’ he said.
Mr Gomes also will continue his consultancy services to other Aquis Group entities.
The statement said his “strong credentials in operating and developing casinos, including securing licences, combined with existing positive relationships with Australian gaming regulators, give the board confidence in the future of Aquis Entertainment with Mr Gomes at the helm”.
Residents are sick'n'tired of reading about the "never to be Aquis" so please take it away and bury it, nothing has been done and never likely to.
Cairns is a tourist Regional City NOT a gambling city....stay on the Gold Coast.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Keep off the road

Be like us stay on the river banks and be happy

 Otherwise you  go on the road and you'll play squash

Are we going to put up more signs? Probably
Here we go again

AN animal activist group is ramping up its anti-crocodile farming campaign, with the ultimate goal of dragging Far North producers into a death roll.
A People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) spokeswoman said the organisation wouldn’t rule out sending activists into farms in the region in an attempt to “expose” mistreatment of animals.
“PETA is extremely concerned about the treatment of crocodiles held and used for their skins in North Queensland crocodile farms,” she said.
“Animals farmed for their skins are treated as nothing more than commodities.”
Well, don't they talk "croc shit" get a life lady they are not your ideal pet.
I am definitely against animal cruelty but these are put down as required by law and like cattle, sheep and kangaroos the meat is sold and eaten by many people